DOGS: Control zones are a must

With regard to the letter about dog control zones (News Guardian, March 3), I agree that they are a must and not something that should be brushed to the back of the agenda by North Tyneside Council.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 10:55 am

The borough mayor is often quoted as saying she would like to put the heart back into Whitley Bay, but what family would like to spend time and money in a place overrun by dogs?

The whole of the North Tyneside coastline is overrun by dogs, especially at weekends, sometimes with 40 to 50 running wild around Tynemouth and Whitley Bay.

During school outings, dogs are freely running around while children are having a day out at the beach.

I am afraid to say that it looks like North Tyneside Council, including the mayor and officers, has overlooked this.

No dog can be trusted 100 per cent near children.

If dog control areas upset a few owners, so be it, and North Tyneside Council should have the courage to make the changes as the children of the borough should come first.

Dog-free zones all year round, and dogs on leads, notably in parks, should be implemented like other councils have done.

It would move dogs and their owners to certain areas where they run free, instead of having full reign over our parks and beaches.

I am afraid, like your correspondent, there will be a lot of parents and grandparents suffering in silence on this matter.

To most people it only makes sense to have dog-free areas all year round, and put our children first and encourage them to enjoy the outdoors in safety and without hindrance.

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