DOGS: Enforce the regulations

While cycling along the promenade in Whitley Bay, I couldn't help wishing I was one of the dog wardens from North Tyneside Council. I could have earned it £3,000 in five minutes.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 20 January, 2019, 05:27

As the council displays many signs that state dogs must be kept on a lead, otherwise incurring a £1,000 fine, why does it not boost its coffers by policing the rule, instead of raising council tax and resorting to the easier option of ticketing car users?

A dog running out of control, especially where there are young children, is always a risk. No one can be 100 per cent sure that their dog will not turn on a child, as we have learned many times. It is always better to eliminate the risk than take the risk.

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