DOGS: Few open spaces left for exercise

And so yet again another anti-dog person rears their head.

Friday, 18th March 2016, 10:55 am

As a local person I love to walk my dog on the beach during the months when it’s allowed, come rain or shine, and enjoy the coastline.

It’s something I have enjoyed for many years, and hopefully will be able to continue to do so for many more to come.

There are very few (if any) open non-sporting spaces left in North Tyneside for dogs to be exercised on – the council has sold them all off to builders. So the beach is one, if not the only, place left where my dog can run off lead. However, she is not a nuisance to anyone and is under control.

I can sympathise with the writer to a point about over-enthusiastic dogs running up to his/her children, but I find it very hard to believe it happens every time he/she visits.

They must be very unlucky indeed, and if his/her children are “petrified” to use the beach during the dog allowed months, why endorse their fears by taking them there?

During the months when dogs are not allowed on certain parts of the beach there are still those owners who ignore the ruling, just like there are those irresponsible owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. Both of which seem impossible to police now so I doubt any further changes would be adhered to either.

And ask any of us responsible owners and we will tell you just how much it annoys us too.

It’s a shame that the UK as a whole has become so dog unfriendly. I now know how smokers feel. Like them, dogs and their owners are being forbidden more and more access to public places and being ostracised, and yet we are also part of the nation being encouraged to exercise.

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