DOGS: Live and let live on North Tyneside beaches

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I am a responsible dog owner who is on Tynemouth beach and area nearly every day, including in bad weather.

Your letter-writer states that she saw a dog walker with ten dogs. I have never seen this. We do get dog walkers looking after a few dogs, but the majority are very responsible, watch the dogs and pick the mess up.

As for the anti-social barking, do we complain of people screaming and laughing on the beach? There’s nothing better than hearing children and parents having a good time. It is an open space and there to be enjoyed by everyone.

Why not go to the south side of Tynemouth, Cullercoats or Whitley Bay where there is a ban? This person is asking for a total ban so in inclement weather and the winter the beach would be deserted. It would be empty and sad.

People who are not lucky enough to live here come to the coast to walk, with dogs or without, and enjoy the fresh air.

I feel sure the traders would not be happy with a total ban as who will be buying coffee in the winter? Then there’s the people who come for a visit and spend money in our cafes and bars while walking dogs.

The Public Space Order was brought in by the Government to curb drinking and disorder, but councils have adopted it to cover dogs. (If I am incorrect, please advise.) This is correctly in force on the promenades where, if asked, you have to keep your dog on a lead.

She also wants to close parks early. Should we all just get rid of our dogs now so when this person goes anywhere with their grandchildren they will not be there?

What about older people who live alone and walk their dogs on the beach and socialise while doing so? This is possibly the only contact they have with other people. And there is nothing better if you are feeling low than to take your dog for a walk and chat to people. It has been proven that having a pet helps with depression and other illnesses.

There are a few unresponsible dog owners, but there are also unresponsible people with or without children who do not have dogs.

Please can we not just live and let live and let everyone, human or animal, enjoy our beautiful coastline? I feel we are becoming so selfish. Just because you do not like something it should be banned. What a sad world.

K Henderson

North Shields