Dogs need places to be off the leash

Reading about Ms Calder’s fall (News Guardian, March 5), I would like to pass on my good wishes to her.

I do, however, have to disagree with her comments regarding dogs being forced to remain on leashes in all public areas.

This would not prevent those owners who are going to let their dogs run off leash regardless, and would only further penalise responsible dog owners.

If M Calder wishes for all dogs to remain leashed in all areas used by the non dog walking public, may I ask where people go to take our dogs instead?

Recently acquiring a puppy myself, I regularly use the beach and allow my puppy off leash.

This is the perfect place to let him explore, stretch his legs and for me to practice his recall so that he will come back to me when called, hence preventing him approaching others who may not want to say hello.

Many woodlands enforce dogs to be kept on leads, and those that don’t are not a safe area to allow a young dog to explore safely without the risk of him becoming lost.

Nor can a young puppy or dog have a good run around on the public streets and roads.

Those that are being trained well need an area in which they can continue to respond and act appropriately.

Please, instead of singling out the few ‘over boisterous’ dogs, empathise with those who wish to take their well behaved furry friends for a nice trip out in the fresh air. They are, after all, just enjoying the area the same as everyone else.

Ann Lamb

Whitley Bay