DOGS: Sanctions are in place

Here we go again, '˜Name and address supplied' suggests that because they had seen a sign in Bournemouth banning cycles from the seafront in July and August, it would be a good idea to apply this to dogs on the beach in our region, (News Guardian, October 18).

Sunday, 4th November 2018, 5:45 am

The outcome they advocate is that all regular beach visitors could have a peaceful summer. The selfish approach from some individuals never ceases to amaze me, especially in relation to dogs and their owners.

Is this person blind to the fact that there is a dog ban on almost all local beaches from June to October?

The attack on dog owners and their pets seems to go on and on without any understanding or admission that any problems, if there are any, are due to an equally selfish minority of dog owners.

Dog owners are also regular beach visitors, and in the main are much more likely to have respect and a practical approach to keeping their coastline a safe and happy place for all visitors throughout both the summer and winter months, when the majority of beaches are deserted.

These people seem to never be content at any level of sanction that is applied.

Try visiting the beaches and promenades late on summer evenings and see the detritus left by some ‘regular beach visitors’, or better still, try collecting and disposing of it as us dog owners do.

Your time would be better spent than wasting it on another ‘ban the canine’ mission.

Michael English