Dogs should be on leash on beaches

A walk along beautiful Tynemouth beach should be an enjoyable experience. Unfortunately not so when dogs are allowed to run free.

On January 29 I was enjoying such a walk with my sister and mother when the next thing I knew I was hit with force and ended up lying on the sand in pain.

A dog chasing another dog had hit me at full speed, narrowly missing my mother but hitting me full on.

The owner of the dog (and apparently three others) asked if I was alright but continued on when I said not.

I was, in fact, feeling intense pain as it transpired I had badly torn tendons in my right foot.

I’ve recently returned to work in a restricted capacity but have lost substantial income.

At least that’s better than what would have resulted had I been a child or, indeed, my elderly mother.

Whilst I’m not against dogs I’m sure many people have had unwanted attention from them whilst walking, cycling or otherwise enjoying public places.

They can not only be a nuisance but also a danger.

It should be the case that unless specifically sign-posted otherwise, dogs must remain on a leash on public beaches, in public parks or anywhere regularly used by non-dog walkers.

Non-compliance should be dealt with in the same way as dog-fouling.

Heather Calder