DOGS: We should all use beach facilities

Reading the letter suggesting the segregation of Tynemouth beach, where do you exercise dogs that like people more than other dogs, or what about families who have brought their dogs with them?

Thursday, 31st March 2016, 10:55 am
Tynemouth Outdoor Pool and Lido.

We should be ensuring that our diminishing facilities are protected.

The best way to do this is to use them as a perceived lack of use generally leads to a cut in the maintenance budget, followed by complaints about neglect, less visitors, further budget cuts, and so on.

Next thing you know it’s shut because the maintenance can’t be justified.

Too many restrictions tend to lead to fewer visitors.

We have accepted that we all have a right to use public spaces as long as we try not to intentionally antagonise others.

They race horses on the beach in Ireland so what about dog racing on Long Sands?

It might bring visitors and money into the borough, some of which could be used to tackle the restoration of the Lido.

Perhaps a sponsored swim from there to the Table Rocks version at Cullercoats could raise money for work on both.

Add a cycle ride up the coast to Blyth, and then to Seaton Delaval Hall to end with a run around the grounds. I think this is called a triathlon and would make a change from yet another fun run.

It could always be tailored to suit ability and proceeds raised used to fund heritage projects across North Tyneside and south east Northumberland.

You start with a petty argument about dogs …

Mark Evans