Dozens are killed on road due to alcohol

Hundreds of pedestrians have been injured on borough roads with alcohol identified as the major factor.

Since 2008, 44 people have killed or seriously injured and 166 slightly injured, new figures by Road Safety GB North East have revealed.

The figures were outlined as the education group launched its Check Out Before You Step Out campaign to help safeguard pedestrians as the dark nights begin.

Alan Kennedy, chairman of Road Safety GB, said alcohol and failing to pay attention were two of the major contributing factors, with young people aged between 16 and 24 accounting for a third of the victims.

He said: “Every year we see pedestrians needlessly injured and tragically killed on our roads and these deaths and injuries could be avoided with just a bit more care.

“Young adults who are out after dark, particularly those that are drinking, are most at risk, so we’re urging them to look after themselves.

“Drivers must also take responsibility and pay particular attention to pedestrians.

“Pedestrians have no protection, so a car travelling just a few miles over the speed limit can have a catastrophic effect.”