Drink drive campaign is launched

Northumbria Police is backing a national campaign aimed at preventing drink driving over the summer.

The Association of Chief Police Officer (ACPO) Summer Drink Driving Campaign was launched on Friday, May 31, focusing on younger drivers and people going to events like barbecues and warning them of the dangers of drinking during the day.

As part of the campaign, Northumbria Police officers will be conducting roadside checks, testing any drivers suspected of drink or drug driving and targeting known drink drivers.

All drivers involved in collisions are being breath tested and motor patrols officers are carrying out additional routine breath tests alongside their normal observations of motorists.

Motor Patrols Chief Inspector George Maratty said: “Northumbria Police will not tolerate drink driving.

“We are committed to doing all we can to put a stop to it and throughout June any motorist stopped at any time by a police officer could be required to provide a specimen of breath or take a drug test.

“We know the vast majority of drivers are sensible but will be targeting those who decide to chance it and take a risk.

“Anyone found in charge of a motor vehicle and over the limit will be arrested.

“Our message is very clear – if you are having a drink then leave the car at home.

“Motorists should plan ahead and if they know they’re going to be having a drink they should make arrangements to get home in advance.”

Anyone who fails a drink or drug test faces a minimum one-year driving ban, a fine and an increase in insurance premiums.