Drink-drive campaign is launched

Police are urging people not to be tempted to drink and drive during Christmas and New Year as part of a new road safety operation.

Those who do are being warned they’re risking their own and others’ lives by getting behind the wheel while under the influence.

The force launched a month-long crackdown on drink-driving and all drivers involved in crashes during December will be breath tested, as well as those who have committed a moving road traffic offence such as speeding and people suspected of drink-driving or attempting to drive after consuming alcohol.

Additional breath tests will be carried out by Motor Patrols officers alongside their normal observations of motorists.

Motor patrols chief inspector John Heckels said: “Drink-driving wrecks lives. Innocent people are killed at the hands of drink drivers and we are committed to doing all we can to make sure the roads are safe for everyone over the festive period.

“Our message to anyone thinking about drink-driving this December is ‘think before you drink’.”

Anyone who suspects someone of drink-driving should call 101 ext 69191.