Early present as Diane wins iPad

Club 22 winner Diane Vallely with her iPad 2.
Club 22 winner Diane Vallely with her iPad 2.

Christmas came early for one resident after winning a competition for a new iPad.

Diane Vallely, 32, from Forest Hall, was successful in Stagecoach North East’s ‘Club 22’ competition.

The bus operation organised the competition to promote the new 22 bus service to Cobalt Park and Silverlink, with 22 prizes up for grabs.

Diane, who works at Cobalt Park for EE, had to give a reason why the number 22 was connected to her, for the chance to enter the prize draw and win the top prize.

Diane said: “After reading about the competition I laughed to myself, as I must have heard the kids say ‘Mam’ 22 times that morning before I even left the school yard, and my address also includes the number 22.

“I couldn’t believe it when I got the email to say I’d won.

“We don’t currently have an iPad in our household and both of our children had been asking for one this Christmas so they’re really excited.”

“Thank you so much! I have two very happy children!”