Five schools go to next stage in trust decision

All but one of the six schools in North Tyneside considering joining a learning trust are continuing the process to the next stage.

Balliol Primary, Ivy Road Primary, Richardson Dees Primary, Whitehouse Primary, Marine Park Primary and Preston Grange Primary have all been consulting with parents and governors to decide whether to be part of the North Tyneside Learning Trust.

But while five out of the six are moving ahead to the next stage of consultation in the new year, Marine Park Primary School has opted out.

Headteacher Stephen Easton said in a letter sent to parents last week: “Governors carefully reviewed all of the completed questionnaires and written responses received.

“They also discussed the implications at length to inform their decision making.

“When put to a vote, governors voted narrowly against the proposal to join the North Tyneside Learning Trust at this time.”

Forty schools in the borough are already part of the trust and they work closely with other schools, colleges and universities.

They also benefit from industry visits, career talks, mentoring and sponsorship.

Kehri Ellis, chief executive of North Tyneside Learning Trust, said: “It’s absolutely great that five out of the six schools have decided to go forward for more consultation, and that will commence in January.

“Trust membership has to be right for the school at the point they come to join in, and I am in no doubt that Marine Park will revisit this at some point in their future.”

Schools that decide to become part of the North Tyneside Learning Trust are expected to become full members by April 2014 but will still be part of the North Tyneside Council system.

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