Kate’s appliance of science award

Award winning Teacher Kate Ardron at Cullercoats Primary School.
Award winning Teacher Kate Ardron at Cullercoats Primary School.

PRIMARY school worker Kate Ardron has been presented with a prestigious award in recognition of how she delivers science to pupils in her school.

She is science co-ordinator and leader of creativity and innovation at Cullercoats Primary School and now she has won the AstraZeneca Science Teaching Trust Primary Science Teaching Award 2010.

Kate is also a lead science teacher and acting advanced skills teacher for North Tyneside, and it is through this she has developed her reputation for creative and innovative teaching approaches within the classroom.

She picked up the award after working tirelessly to raise the profile of science locally, regionally and nationally through her work as a pilot teacher for Assessing Pupils’ Progress.

Kate, who has taught at the school for 11 years, said: “It has just been a whirlwind.

“It is so exciting to be recognised for the stuff that I do every day and it has been lovely to share it with the whole school.”

To get children more involved in science at school she has evolved ‘Fun Science Days’ into ‘Fun Science Weeks’ with a kite theme which culminated with kite flying sessions across the local area.

She also uses the beach in her lessons, where the children can draw their own life size skeleton in the sand, make mistakes, rub it out and start again and then figure out how it works.

As well as the individual recognition, the award also means more grants are readily available to apply for to help with science projects in the school.

Caroline McGrath, of the Association for Science Education, said: “Kate is a creative teacher with amazing energy and enthusiasm for teaching and learning, especially in science.

“She has had a huge impact on science not only in her own school but also with the LEA and beyond.”