ELECTION: A powerful reminder

The results of the local elections of May 5 gave us all the usual surprises that these things deliver, but the result of the mayoral referendum was a corker.

Sunday, 22nd May 2016, 6:00 am

It is possible that Mayor Redfearn was the most surprised of us all at the result to keep the mayoral system. Having almost single-handedly pushed for the referendum, Mayor Redfearn declared the result as democracy in action.

I have the greatest respect for Mayor Redfearn, who came out of a long retirement to take on the job as elected mayor, and to my knowledge is the oldest serving elected mayor in the UK.

With the mayoral system now safeguarded it means that if the residents of North Tyneside are dissatisfied with the way the council is run they can remove the administration in one election.

This is a pretty powerful reminder to those elected councillors who have been entrusted with looking after our local government not to be complacent, or take we, the voters, for granted.

S Ratcliffe