Emissions are on the decline in the borough

Residents in the borough have significantly reduced their carbon footprint, government figures have revealed.

Data shows North Tyneside has seen an overall 27 per cent drop in its carbon emissions per person, placing the borough 15th nationally and third regionally.

Emission figures are categorised into housing, business and transport. In North Tyneside, emissions from businesses have reduced 37 per cent, homes 25 per cent and transport 14 per cent.

Coun John Stirling, cabinet member for sustainable development, said: “Reducing the borough’s carbon emissions is a priority for North Tyneside Council.

“I’m delighted residents are working hard to support this aim; this isn’t just a council effort but a borough-wide effort, too.

“These figures show we have exceeded the target of a 20 per cent reduction local authorities are set, and we are working extremely hard to support residents and businesses to ensure we continue to surpass this target again.

“We can all take quick and easy measures in our homes or place of work, from turning off a light when leaving a room to switching off plugs when not in use.”