Enthusiasm for the NHS even greater

I temporarily knocked myself out when I tripped and fell on the black path between the Hadrian Park shopping centre and Lancaster Drive in Wallsend.

On recovering consciousness, a small group of people had gathered around and called the emergency service, then they very kindly waited with me until the ambulance crew arrived.

They took me to North Tyneside General Hospital (Rake Lane) where I received the most professional and considerate treatment throughout from the ambulance crew, A&E department and Ward 6 staff.

My heartfelt thanks go to all those concerned, including those who called 999 and stood by, as well as the doctors, nurses, and auxiliary hospital staff who attended to my needs.

It was encouraging to find the spirit of community among the people at large, and the professionalism among NHS staff, those at the sharp end, is still alive and well in Britain.

Despite the adverse reports and comments in the media I have always been a fervent supporter of the NHS, now after this event my enthusiasm for the NHS is even greater.

The party that has the most credible policy in support of the NHS has my vote at the General Election.

Bill Sharples

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