Entrepreneur looks to set a world record

An entrepreneur from the borough has launched a world record attempt to build the world’s biggest rag doll – with the help of children across the north east.

Youngsters from around the region are teaming up with Project Rag Doll to make the world’s biggest rag doll, which will eventually stand at over 28ft high.

Project Rag Doll is the idea of Maria Albertsen, from Whitley Bay, who owns a small business called RagHeroes.

Maria recently gained the support of Sir Richard Branson, who alongside Virgin Media Pioneers, has made Maria a North East Ambassador for Entrepreneurship.

Maria said: “The symbol of the rag doll is very important to us. It represents the unity of children around the north east, and big scale recognition of the importance of their dreams and hopes for themselves and the future of the area we live in.”

To build the doll, children will draw, sew and paint their hopes and dreams for the future onto small pieces of fabric.

This material will then be sent back to RagHeroes where a team of women will work to create the huge doll.

Visit www.ragheroes.co.uk for more details.