Entrepreneur tackles bullies

Leanne Morse.
Leanne Morse.

A young entrepreneur who was taunted by her peers has launched a new venture to stamp out bullying in schools.

Leanne Morse, 17, from North Shields, suffered a relentless campaign of mental and physical abuse from fellow pupils over a 12-year period.

Her health deteriorated, her confidence evaporated and she ended up developing an eating disorder.

But now the Gateshead College student is fighting back by launching a new venture, Bullstop, which aims to educate school teachers and pupils on the issues surrounding bullying.

Leanne said: “I am driven to help others and ensure that students get the support that I never received at school.

“It’s all about breaking down barriers and raising awareness of what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour in the classroom.

“I don’t want other children to go through the experiences that I had to endure.”