ENVIRONMENT: Complaints are confounding

This commentary about street cleanliness from a Conservative councillor is both confounding and misrepresentative of the facts, (News Guardian, January 14).

Let’s get this straight because the Tories seem to be particularly good at ‘point scoring’, finger pointing at everything from potholes to leaves, all of which are actively addressed by North Tyneside Council.

The Tory government has caused at least £53m in cuts in local funding over the next three years, forcing the Labour council to cut back on a raft of services that it would otherwise have been able to greatly enhance and improve.

I’ve talked to many Cullercoats residents over the past couple of weeks and although there are inevitably issues of concern arising, street cleanliness is not the only one and certainly not top of the list.

Street cleanliness may or may not be in a relative decline, but the Tories should be the last people to be finger waving at it. They are responsible for the cut backs.

If the government would redirect attention and money to our glorious region for a change, rather than sinking it into the leafy (probably leaves of a less drain blocking variety) southern and Home Counties, the local councillors here would have less to point at and the Labour council would be better equipped to deal with the very real and pressing issues that are facing North Tyneside across the board.

Karen Lee-Duffy

Labour Candidate for