ENVIRONMENT: Cuts force council into hard choices

It is disingenuous to say the least for Tory councillor Ken Barrie to complain about cuts to North Tyneside’s environmental budget when it is the Tory government’s unnecessary and ideologically-driven cuts that are forcing councils into making impossible choices.

The level of litter, crime and anti-social behaviour on the streets is a pretty good indication that we’re living under a Conservative administration, as anyone who remembers the 1980s will attest to.

Coun Barrie also claims that residents are concerned about weeds and a lack of grass cutting.

To argue that keeping grass neat should be a priority when nurseries are closing and social care provision is on its knees requires a level of blinkeredness I find hard to fathom.

Besides, long grass and wild flowers really are good for insect and bird life, and who could complain about that?

Robert Galpin