ENVIRONMENT: Street cleanliness has gone downhill

As a result of the savage cuts to the environmental budget by Labour mayor Norma Redfearn and her cabinet, the borough of North Tyneside is deteriorating fast.

Residents have voiced concerns regarding the rapid decline in the standard of the cleanliness of the streets.

Walking around the borough, it is noticeable the fallen leaves lying in mounds in many streets and back lanes. The leaves have not yet been brushed up, though some have been on the ground for a few weeks. Under the previous Conservative council the fallen leaves were regularly swept up to keep the borough clean and tidy. These fallen leaves are not only unsightly, but are also causing accidents and minor flooding problems as a result of them blocking the drains and gullies.

The streets are not being swept regularly and the standard of the cleaning is getting worse. This is noticeable by the amount of litter, especially on paths and grass verges where street brushing machines cannot reach. This problem could be alleviated by a person with a brush sweeping the leaves and litter into the path of the road sweeper, as happened previously.

Throughout the borough the weeds are growing in abundance out of every cracked paving stone or along the bases of walls, some as high as 600mm in height.

Is this what the mayor calls biodiversity, which she regularly states when pressed by residents concerned about lack of grass cutting and weed control?

Coun Ken Barrie

Cullercoats Ward