Cash award to look at new heating option

Plans are in the pipeline to make the borough greener after a near £100,000 cash award.

Communities in North Tyneside could share a ‘heating network’ which aims to save cash and reduce carbon emissions.

North Tyneside Council has received £90,450 to look at whether the borough could benefit from ‘district heating’.

District heating, or a heating network, brings heat from one central location directly to a cluster of buildings through a network of insulated pipes that carry hot water.

And now, after successfully bidding for the funding, the council will look at whether it could work for offices, schools, hospitals and homes in the borough.

The study will focus on the generation of heat – exploring what technology would be needed to do so and how much it would cost – as well as whether it could recover and redistribute surplus heat from buildings that would otherwise be wasted.

A council spokesperson said: “This is a really exciting time for North Tyneside.

“Producing heat from one central source, and sharing it locally, uses much less carbon than traditional methods, which could mean significant cuts to our carbon footprint.”

The first step is creating a map of North Tyneside’s current heat resources – the council will identify areas where a lot of heat is used and then see if these properties can be grouped to share a heating network.