EUROPE: Brexit is too big a risk

The evidence is very strong on why a Brexit is a very bad idea.

Sunday, 8th May 2016, 6:00 am

Jobs, workers’ protection, trade, investments, secure funding for future projects, the NHS, and even our justice system will all be affected badly by the loss of the EU membership.

What do we gain? Jobs.

The north east depends on the EU for job security and over 160,000 jobs in the north east are directly linked to trade with the European Union. Nationally, over 200,000 businesses trade with the EU and 61 per cent of UK businesses export to the EU.

In the north east we have some of the biggest employers here with support from the EU, Hitatchi and Nissan to name just two.

The risk of a ‘Brexit’ is too much of a risk for us in the north east and nationally.

Jonathon Proctor

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