EUROPE: No mention of energy

Though we are swamped by the input of politicians telling us what the causes and effects of the EU Referendum are and will be, it is all too evident to most of us that the future is a complex subject, not known to anyone and subject to events which occur all too often in any plan.

Sunday, 10th July 2016, 6:01 am

The information put out by the in-crowd, the leave-mob and even the don’t knows are largely to do with economics, globally, or individual wage earners.

The subject of energy and its unwanted side-effects gets only few mentions by both sides, here and there.

For some of us, the climate change issue and the associated generating of electricity is overwhelming when we are polluting land, sea and, above all, the air we breathe.

I am studying a TV parliament channel recording of the House of Lords dealing with EU energy governance.

It refers to the referendum a few times, but the greatest contribution is, in my view, pointing out that energy co-operation is a basic requirement worldwide because of pollution arising from energy use. Climate change and pollution has no borders.

At a more local level I have commented on surface mining for coal in Northumberland and fracking for gas in North Yorkshire at Ryedale.

If the production of coal, gas and any oil found only results in combustion and the production of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide (and worse stuff) this is an absurd policy for any governance, EU, UK or global.

The firms engaged in energy supply are largely international commercial organisations.

I look forward to the impact of the Lords’ considerations becoming part of the UK’s energy policies, which at present need some adjustment, to say the least.

Indeed, the European connection to remain in the EU might well be the most significant consideration to avoid the perils of man-made climate change in an uncertain future.

AM Johnson