EUROPE: Shackles stop our industry growth

The letter from two of our MEPs is remarkable for two reasons. (News Guardian, September 24)

This is the only communication I have seen or heard from them since they were elected nearly 18 months ago, and the content of their letter is so selective that I could not let it pass without comment.

They failed to make reference to the recent views of the Head of Vauxhall that the jobs in the UK car industry do not depend on continuing British membership of the EU and that, should we leave, these countries would still need both our products and our custom for their goods.

Therefore it follows that the chances of them blocking our sales of other goods and services would be non-existent.

As for the so-called benefits of continuing EU membership, it is sad that this week has seen the effective closure of the steel-making plant at Redcar. The EU regulations block any attempt by our government to support this company. In addition to stopping any financial support, the EU requirement for ever higher energy costs, contrary to all our non-EU competitors, not only continues to drive up every person’s fuel bills, but also makes British produced steel uncompetitive.

As long as we are shackled to the dying corpse of a contracting and failing EU economy British industry and commerce cannot prosper and grow, creating wealth and jobs.

The world markets outside the EU are massive and will give us, as a nation, the chance to trade worldwide without being controlled by our competitors within the EU. As things stand even Mexico can develop a trade agreement with China and India, but Britain cannot and has to wait until the rest of Europe agrees one.

It’s time to slip the bonds that stop Britain trading freely with the world and leave the failed grand European project to continue its slide backwards into failure.

Ian Wallace

Whitley Bay