EUROPE: We have become a satellite state

I feel I must make a response to Tom Bailey's letter, (News Guardian, March 17).

Thursday, 7th April 2016, 3:00 pm
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On June 5, 1975, the country voted yes to a referendum regarding the UK joining the EEC, or the ‘common market’. This was to allow free trade in Europe.

Since then we have been gradually sucked into the mire of a European Union, with no consultation or vote.

We have paid billions of pounds into this ridiculous black hole of administrative lunacy.

Politicians, money men and traders have all been scaremongering and have been vocal to stay in because there are jobs for them and easier trading routes for their businesses. But at what cost?

We now have no borders to speak of and not enough people to patrol those borders. We have no voice or power in Europe. We have no control over any laws in the UK. EEC regulations are the norm here now. We are governed by the EU.

The fishing industry has gone. Heavy industry – gone. Coal industry – finished.

We are a satellite state of Europe.

Britain is no longer ‘Great’. Let’s get some pride back in our country and make Britain Great again.

The world is bigger than the EEC. I am voting to come out of Europe on June 23. Please, I urge you all to turn out and vote no to Europe as well.

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