EXPENSES: Councillors should also face cuts

Just a word before people elect their local councillors.

Sunday, 13th March 2016, 10:55 am

The government has ordered them to make cuts in council spending, which is right and proper for some councils, yet never have I seen a rush by councillors to give up their expenses to help with this issue.

It is always the ordinary man, woman or child who has to suffer, and it makes me laugh when I hear prospective councillors say they only want to serve.

Last year they took nearly £1m from the local economy.

The council should be made to publish itemised accounts for all expenses, and people should think of this before they cast their vote.

We have libraries, nurseries places and social clubs for the elderly closed, but councillors still collect their expenses and blame the government for everything.

People should also remember that it was a Labour government that sowed the seeds of the last downturn in this nation.

Perhaps if a completely new local government was elected ordinary people would be put first for the goodies, and not last for anything good, as we seem to be now.

Mr R Kirby

North Tyneside