Extra time for survey to be returned

RESIDENTS are being given more time to have their say on shaping council services.

North Tyneside Council has sent out 4,000 questionnaires to homes in the borough as part of a joint regional survey involving seven north east authorities.

Once completed, the questionnaires will be analysed in confidence and results fed back to the council to inform its future decision-making.

Mayor Linda Arkley said: “I don’t want anyone who received a survey to be excluded from giving their feedback on how the council runs its services or the local area.

“We’re conscious that this is the summer holiday period so people may not be at home and we have therefore decided to extend the deadline by a further ten days to Wednesday, August 29.

“So if you have received a questionnaire and thought you had missed the opportunity to share your views please fill it now and return it.”

The survey, carried out by Ipsos Mori, will gather the views of people from across the north east and provide some useful benchmarks about the services provided by the different councils.

The final results will be presented to a future meeting of the cabinet in November.