FALL: Tackle the trip hazard

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While walking back to my cousin’s house along Monkseaton Drive, I tripped on the uneven pavement and went flying, falling full length, grazing my hands and putting my teeth through my bottom lip.

Fortunately, my teeth and glasses survived the fall, although my camera did not.

I wish to thank the people in the cars passing by who stopped and asked if I was ok, particularly the lady and her mum who gave me a lift back to West Park.

I was somewhat shaken by the experience, and although I thanked them at the time, I did not ask their names.

I have written to North Tyneside Council asking if it could re-lay the paving where there are trip hazards.

This footpath appears well used. Where I fell was next to a pedestrian crossing, with a pub and medical centre across the road, schools and what appeared to be a group dwelling.

I am a reasonably fit 68-year-old and I was badly bruised. An older, frailer person could have been more seriously injured.

I hope the council will take action without too much delay to avoid any further incidents.

I’d rather it spent council taxpayers’ money on necessary maintenance than on legal fees and compensation.

David Fenwick