Families to raise cash for charity

TWO borough families are raising money for a charity that supported them when their children were diagnosed with a rare congenital disease.

George and Michelle Shotton from Killingworth, were devastated by the news that not only one, but two of their daughters Sienna, five, and three-year-old Isabella, were diagnosed with Congenital Myasthenic Syndrome (CMS).

And across the town, Tracey Cockburn is also coping with the effects of the illness on her eight-year-old daughter Ellie.

In December she was rushed to hospital because she had a respiratory arrest, and she spent the month in the intensive care unit.

Michelle said: “CMS causes severe muscle weakness that may prove fatal if not carefully monitored.

“We have had some difficult times dealing with the effects of this illness, but luckily we have had support from the Myasthenia Gravis Association who have set up a national branch, ‘Myasthenics Kids’ to help and support families with children who have myasthenia.”

The two families are now organising a series of fundraising events, starting with a bag pack at Asda in Byker on April 7, and a charity night with The Longsands at Forest Hall Club on April 20.

Visit www.mga-charity.org for more information.