Family and hospital support fantastic

I would like to take the opportunity to express my sincere, heartfelt thanks and praise for some members of the public and staff at North Tyneside General Hospital.

My father (Francis Wheadon, 71) recently came up from Liverpool to stay with us and on an evening stroll on Wednesday, July 30, took a tumble in his mobility scooter from the steps off Whitley Bay seafront, where work has recently been completed.

A lovely family (I am assuming a grandmother, her daughter and grandaughter) all helped to pick my father up and wiped the blood from his elbow – I cannot thank them enough for their kindness.

My father spent the night in considerable pain so we called for an ambulance, which was quickly dispatched.

The paramedics were amazing (Carolyn and Gavin) and correctly diagnosed a broken hip and transported my dad to hospital, where (within 36 hours) he underwent an operation for a hip replacement.

My Dad suffers from a number of other health complaints including COPD and diabetes, and whilst at the hospital he also suffered a heart attack.

I believe the nurses and doctors on Ward 9 saved my father’s life on Sunday, August 3, through their speedy and efficient responses - for this me and my family are eternally grateful.

I hear the NHS and, from time to time, North Tyneside General Hospital, getting a bad press, but our experience has been the complete opposite.

The staff from Ward 9 and then later Ward 8 have been fantastic: professional, knowledgeable, friendly, hygienic, humourous, compassionate and kind. It has given me a completely new appreciation of the work they do.

My Dad was transferred to a Liverpool hospital on August 15 where I hope he can continue to make a full recovery.

Justine Carmichael

Whitley Bay