Fear for party in this region

AS a former Conservative Party member, spokesman for Gateshead Conservatives and approved parliamentary candidate, I fear recent local election results raise the danger of the people of the north east being left with no opposition to Labour at all.

The Tory Party lost six of its councillors in Sunderland and seven in North Tyneside and long since had any councillors in Newcastle or Gateshead.

The Lib Dems lost their last representation in Sunderland and suffered further losses in Gateshead and Newcastle.

I predict that after the next general election there will be no coalition party MPs and few councillors in the north east.

The reasons for this decline are obvious: a government made up of rich and privileged individuals no longer governing in the national interest but for their own selfish needs.

The worst example of this being a tax cut for the richest and tax increases for pensioners.

Plans for regional public sector pay will be the final nail in the coffin for the coalition parties in this region.

It is high time for a new centre/centre right party untainted by the poisonous legacy of the 1980s and the current domination of government by privileged ex-public schoolboys with no understanding of the reality of life for most British people.