Fears over flooding if Local Plan goes ahead

Flooding in fields off Drumoyne Gardens, opposite Langley First School in West Monkseaton.
Flooding in fields off Drumoyne Gardens, opposite Langley First School in West Monkseaton.

Fresh fears have been raised that parts of North Tyneside could suffer more flooding if thousands of new homes are built.

Concerns have been heightened after fields near where 3,000 homes have been earmarked were flooded in the recent wet weather.

Conservative councillors have called on Labour leaders at North Tyneside Council to rethink their draft Local Plan which includes proposals for 3,000 homes in the Murton and Monkseaton areas.

Coun Judith Wallace, Conservative Group Leader, said: “Flooding in the fields again this week shows that residents are right to be concerned. We think that such a huge number of new properties should not be permitted.”

Monkseaton North councillor Alison Austin and campaigner Sean Brockbank in neighbouring Monkseaton South, added: “We urge the Labour Mayor to change this plan. Residents are fearful that so much new building will cause flooding for current homes.”

A council spokesperson said: “Reducing the risk of flooding is a top priority for the council and developments will not be permitted that are found to increase the flood risk for existing properties or present a risk for the new properties.

“Monkseaton has previously been subject to flooding, due to excessive water running off from the fields at the Murton Gap site. The new Local Plan helps to address this, by providing an opportunity to install additional drainage that will direct surface water to the North Sea.”

“This is a joint scheme between the council and Northumbrian Water. It is proposed that half the land at Murton Gap is used for development and the remainder for agricultural, recreational use or havens for wildlife. These would include new ponds that would have a crucial role in managing surface water in the natural environment.”

“A number of agencies, including Northumbrian Water and the Environment Agency, were key partners when preparing the Local Plan.

“Both agencies are satisfied that it will help to reduce the risk of flooding in the Monkseaton and Whitley Bay areas.

“Work to reduce the risk of flooding in Monkseaton has already included improving drainage ditches and installing raised earth mounds to protect at-risk properties.

“In spring, a series of storage basins will also be built to the west of Monkseaton that can hold 10,000 cubic metres of surface water.

“The council continues to invest millions of pounds in flood alleviation plans – despite reductions in its budget from government.”