Fears raised over safety of pedestrian crossing

Concerns have been raised over a zebra crossing in Park View, Whitley Bay.
Concerns have been raised over a zebra crossing in Park View, Whitley Bay.

Concerns have been raised that a pedestrian could be seriously injured or worse in Whitley Bay.

Local businessman Stephen Mack fears it is only a matter of time before a pedestrian is hit on a ‘dangerous’ zebra crossing in Park View due to the unsafe conditions on its approach.

He says the crossing is hard to spot as it has been sited between parking bays while there are no repeater signs or road markings to remind drivers they are in a 20mph zone.

Claims have also been made that cars travel along Park View well above the 20mph and there have been several near misses on the crossing.

Mr Mack, who runs The Aloe Vera Centre off Park View, said: “Pedestrians are nearly getting knocked down.

“This has been going on for more than 12 months. There are nearly accidents at the crossing every other day.

“Someone from North Tyneside Council came down, had a look and agreed it was dangerous. The lights at the crossing barely work.

“The council said they were going to do something about it but they only had speed warning signs up for two days.

“The kerbs where cars are parked are damaged, so cars are parking further into the road, making the crossing harder to spot.

“The road signs showing you are in a 20mph zone are hard to spot, one is at an angle away from the road.

“There should be 20mph markings on the road like there are in other town centres.

“I regularly see cars coming along Park View at 30mph or more.”

A council spokesman said: “The safety of all road users is a top priority for us and we are aware of Mr Mack’s concerns.

“We have explained that signs are in place to warn motorists that they are approaching a zebra crossing and variable message signs were also recently put up to advise drivers of their speed.

“And, although recent surveys showed that the average speed of traffic on Park View was around 19mph, we will also be introducing repeated 20mph signs to remind motorists of the speed limit and help maintain the low speeds.”