Feline great after 40-bed donation

Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter chief executive Leyla Rutter and Fudge.
Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter chief executive Leyla Rutter and Fudge.

An animal shelter is feline great after a donation to help dozens of kittens looking for a new home.

Cramlington-based The Bazaar Group has donated 40 of their small pet beds to the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter in Longbenton after it was inundated with kittens this year due to a rise in unneutered cats.

Bazaar Group managing director Mark Dolder said: “We wanted to give a gift to the animal shelter because it’s important to remember there are plenty of cats and dogs yet to find their homes.”

Shelter chief executive Leyla Rutter said: “We stop rehoming during the Christmas period because it’s such an unsettling time for a pet to be brought into a new home.

“This means we need food, toys and bedding donations so that we can give the animals a special Christmas here at the shelter.

“The fleece-lined beds are perfect for the winter and have already been put to good use.”

The latest additions include Fudge, who was found in a box in a Northumberland field, and Coffee and Cream who were born in the shelter after their pregnant mum was brought in.

Leyla said: “Christmas always becomes a little more crowded here at the shelter because people give pets as gifts, underestimating the amount of care and attention needed to properly look after a pet.

“This is when animals like Fudge, Coffee and Cream can end up at a shelter instead of in a home. We’re keeping a close eye on them and they will be ready to find new homes soon.”

Anyone who wants to donate food or bedding, or volunteer as a dog walker or cat cuddler, should call the Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter on 0191 215 0435.