Festival pushing poetry in motion – on a bicycle

Unsurprising that the humble bike was voted the most important invention ever. If anything can save our planet, it’s the push bike.

Poetry might help too. Put them together and you have BAIKU, on Saturday, June 6, our brilliant festival event to exercise brain and body.

Cycle a 20 miles circular route along the coastline and through quiet countryside, armed with a special information pack and map provided by Simon Laing of Cullercoats Bike & Kayak Centre.

Take a notebook and pencil for jotting observations.

Leading you off is Liverpool poet David Bateman, but you can go at your own pace – it’s not an event for lyrca-clad fanatics.

Later, back at the centre, David will run a 90-minute workshop on turning the experiences into those three line poetic gems, haiku.

With a slight adjustment in focus, the everyday that we normally take for granted can be moulded into miniature poems.

Baiku participants can bring their own bike or the centre will provide.

IRON Press does have a vested interest; if enough haiku of quality emerge, we’ll consider publishing a small collection.

Early booking is advisable as numbers are limited to 20. Starts 10am.

Our other big participatory event is Cullercoats Murder Sunday (June 7).

Aspirant crime writers will be primed by renowned writer Ann Cleeves, shown a real body in The Watch House, given advice by a forensic expert and a retired police chief inspector and are free to examine various listed village locations which may feature in their writing.

The two Cullercoats-based novelists, Carol Clewlow and Kitty Fitzgerald, will also be on hand as support.

Participants may end up writing nothing or creating a famous story or novel. That’s part of the excitement. Again, limited numbers. Good luck!

All festival tickets from (0191) 251 6009, the website at www.ironpress.co.uk or over at Cullercoats Coffee or Cullercoats Library.