FINE: Not much of a thank you

How surprising to read of another questionable parking ticket issued in Whitley Bay, (News Guardian, May 10).

Thursday, 31st May 2018, 6:47 am

A friend recently received a fine for exceeding the paid period whilst helping to clean up the beaches after the recent storms – on behalf of the local authority.

She had travelled from Teesside to help and had to pay a £35 fee for the privilege. Yet the efforts of volunteers in beach cleaning and plastic-free initiatives are welcomed by the Mayor.

It’s shameful to see people who give up their own time for the benefit of the community treated so badly. This is one reason why I now do my own daily clean-up in Northumberland instead of at St Mary’s.

It seems North Tyneside Council considers it more important to pull in parking fees than to see the benefit of community spirit.

A £35 fine is a very bad thank you.

Steve Lowe