Finish jobs before starting new ones

I was interested to read the recent letter from the Collingwood Labour team with regards to it’s annual road survey (News Guardian, February 26).

It was mentioned about the significant resurfacing of roads being completed in Preston Grange.

My street was only partly done. When I contacted the council to ask why (even though it was clearly marked out) part of the road had been missed, I was told that the area had not been ‘adopted’ by the council.

After me assuring the lady that it had, I then got a message back to say it had been adopted but the machine that was used was too big but it will be done in the near future, but I couldn’t be given an exact date.

As it is at least 30 odd years since it was last done I don’t envisage the work to be completed during my lifetime.

And if roads and pavements are such a high priority for the councillors, perhaps they should look at the ‘cycle’ path that was created on Rake Lane.

It is now nearly two years since it was done and yet still a major hazard remains.

Beside the pedestrian crossing is a half finished project protected with metal barriers.

Perhaps jobs in the borough should be completed before new ones are started?

Preston Grange Resident

Name and address supplied