Fishing industry vital for the fish quay to survive

I AM a resident of North Shields, living close to the fish quay and am alarmed at the way successive councils have failed the town despite regeneration schemes.

I fear they will destroy our fish quay and surrounding area with the latest development plans.

Remember, the fish quay is a working quay and needs the processing plants.

It is the reason for all other development in the area including leisure.

People come to see the quay and eat the fish. Artists come to draw and photograph it and, along with other secondary businesses, such as the cafes, catch the passing trade.

The fish quay provides locally produced food by highly skilled workers (fishermen) whose skills we cannot afford to lose.

Whatever plans are, make sure the support and growth of fishing and food production is at the top of any plans.

Anything else, such as the tourism and leisure, won’t flourish without it.

We can’t do without food and can’t allow ourselves to be dependent on ever distant and expensive supplies when the price of fuel is ever rising and producers are increasingly reluctant to sell to us.

Let’s make sure North Shields does not throw away its centuries old essential industry for the sake of the lure of a few fast bucks from schemes that will be lucky to last a few years.


North Shields