FISHING: Suffering under EU

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It’s a bit rich of our MP Alan Campbell to express concern about the fishing industry, (News Guardian, July 12).

That industry has suffered dreadfully due to the EU Common Fisheries Policy, which I believe has all but destroyed our fishing, as well as being hugely damaging to the environment.

For 20 years, Mr Campbell has been sitting in the House of Commons without expressing any concerns about the many EU regulations and directives that have passed automatically into British law, without any parliamentary scrutiny at all.

All of a sudden, as we prepare to leave the EU following the majority vote of the people in the referendum, he chooses to raise problems.

Has he ever argued that our coastal waters should be restored to UK control? No. Instead, he wanted to remain in the EU, completely subject to the Common Fisheries Policy and all other rules, as well as the European Court, contrary to the express wishes of his electorate.

Fortunately, we are leaving, and will regain control of our 200-mile limit of coastal waters.

Ian Wallace

Whitley Bay