Five children rescued after getting caught in rip current

Tynemouth Longsands. Picture by John Millard.
Tynemouth Longsands. Picture by John Millard.

A group of five children were rescued by lifeguards after getting into difficulty in the North Sea.

The youngsters had been caught in a rip current off Tynemouth Longsands beach, while a man who had tried to help them was also caught out.

RNLI lifeguard Liam Hogg.

RNLI lifeguard Liam Hogg.

A member of the public alerted RNLI lifeguards Jake Woods and Vaughn Campbell to the drama, which unfolded at 3.30pm on Sunday, August 23.

The children had got into difficulty just outside the red and yellow flagged zone.

Vaughn swam out to the youngsters with his rescue board while Jake radioed his colleagues and asked them to launch their Rescue Water Craft (RWC) before swimming out to the scene with his rescue tube.

RNLI lifeguard Jordon McCartney, from the nearby Cullercoats unit, also came along to help where he encountered the man who was struggling in the strong currents.

The children were very grateful when we brought them back to dry land and thanked us for rescuing them.

RNLI senior lifeguard Jordon McCartney

The man, who was thought to be in his 30s, had tried to help the stranded group of children but had also been caught out by the rip currents.

Jordon checked he was okay and guided him back to the shore before joining his colleagues to help the youngsters.

Unfortunately he was then washed out again, being helped back to the beach by RNLI lifeguard Matthew Robson.

Vaughn was keeping the five youngsters afloat by getting them to hold onto his rescue board while they waited for colleagues Liam Hogg and Elliot Rogers on the RWC, taking the youngsters back to the beach in three trips.

The children were very shaken by their ordeal and suffering from the efforts of cold water. They were warmed up with blankets.

Two of the group were then given some oxygen and taken to hospital by paramedics for further treatment.

RNLI senior lifeguard Jordon McCartney said: “The sea conditions were pretty challenging yesterday afternoon.

“There was a large swell and powerful waves which meant that we had to work swiftly and effectively as a team to reach the youngsters and bring them to safety.

“The children were very grateful when we brought them back to dry land and thanked us for rescuing them.

“We were pleased that we were able to assist them and we would also like to thank members of the public who offered their help and blankets to the youngsters.

“Our charity would always urge people to come and ask the lifeguards for advice on tide times and about the safe areas in which to swim.”