FLAG: Display it correctly

For years I have watched our Union Flag (Union Jack) flown on many civic, royal and sports venues, but watching the Olympics brought home my point with a vengeance.

Sunday, 28th August 2016, 6:00 am

I am still amazed, dumbfounded and annoyed, extremely annoyed, at the number of our British citizens who do not know how the flag is constructed, ie which flag is layered first.

But even more frustrating is how many people do not know which way the flag is flown and persist in exhibiting it upside down, an offence in some countries punishable by long terms in prison, or worse.

It is so simple, although even some of the pre-mounted on sticks by the sales companies get it wrong.

As for the representatives at the Olympics, who should know a lot better, shame on them.

Our Union Flag has a hoist and a fly. The hoist is generally edged with binding strip and/or a hoist cord. When facing the flag, the broad white strip should be at the top of the hoist.

On those flags with hoist cords fitted, the lower end of the cord is generally longer than the upper end so there is no way of putting it up incorrectly, even at night when you cannot see the colours. During winter sunrise time when the flag should be hoisted it is still sometimes dark.

I wish British people would educate themselves, or be educated, in their heritage and the long history of our Union Flag, or at least learn to exhibit it correctly with the pride it deserves.

Captain Bob Ridge

Marine Master (Retired)