FLOWERS: Seek volunteers for weeding work

The wild flower meadow which borders Red House Farm Estate and Monkseaton Drive is lovely and the colours are vibrant and refreshing as you drive or walk this area.

However, it would be lovely if the weeds could be controlled to give the wild flowers a chance to blossom fully.

This gentle weeding could be done by young people, people looking for work and community groups who are interested in nature. A little supervision and the area could look magnificent. I feel the council could, with its many contacts, get a group of volunteers together for a few hours and make a difference.

Also the flower beds at Whitley Lodge Shopping Precinct are overrun by a rampant weed.

I know the council’s resources are stretched, but if these areas are planted up with care initially, their ongoing maintenance has to be factored into the scheme to make the best of what it is achieving.

Heather Carr

Whitley Bay