FOOTBALL: No cause for celebration

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As a North Shields FC supporter of over four decades and veteran of two successful Wembley appearances, I take exception to your celebratory article ‘Departed Fenton Excited by Shields’, (News Guardian, September 8).

When people this side of the water say Shields we mean North Shields.

As far as we’re concerned Graham Fenton left Shields to join South Shields.

I’m not having a go at Mr Fenton. I enjoyed his trophy filled time at Shields.

Although, league football will be a big ask. I’m sure bigger clubs like Gateshead and Darlington will have something to say about that.

And another thing, where was the report of North Shields’ 8-0 victory away to Guisborough?

That was another open goal you missed – not something the Robins do very often.

Keith Bruce

North Shields