Footballer Dan gets a taste of Malaysian life

Dan Robinson.
Dan Robinson.

A borough footballer has returned from an ambassadorial tour of Malaysia where he helped impoverished children.

Daniel Robinson, from Whitley Bay, was part of a group of footballers from the University of East London Football Club, were humbled to coach and play with teenagers from a deprived area of Kuala Lumper, who contend with problems of prostitution, drugs and homelessness.

Daniel said: “The trip was arguably the best experience of my life. The opportunity to experience a new culture in a different part of the world in the manner we did was something I’ll never forgot.

“The visit to KL Krash Pad, a charity helping underprivileged children, was the most humbling experience of my life. To see how people with so little could be so happy and passionate was breathtaking.

“Their sheer excitement, just at the idea of us being there, is something I will never forget.”

UEL won two out of their three matches against FTMS and Linton colleges and Universiti Putra Malaysia where they played against a Malawian international.