FOOTFALL: A clean-up might help

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There was an article in the News Guardian recently regarding businesses complaining about the lack of footfall in Whitley Bay.

I went to a local charity bookshop last week – what a wonderful experience that was.

The weeds and grass were growing through the pavements, dead planters were on the rails, and litter and rubbish were blowing about the street.

Instead of complaining, I suggest shopkeepers step outside their premises and do something to improve the appearance of the streets.

I assume they have not been to Jersey or Guernsey and seen how they make their streets inviting.

I did actually buy a book and have a haircut in two very nice shops with pleasant staff.

On the subject of litter, after the recent bank holiday, Marine Avenue was a disgrace.

I drove to Waves leisure centre on the Tuesday morning and fish-and-chip cartons were scattered all over the pavement from overflowing bins. These were then blown along the sea front.

What made it worse was the fact that they were still being blown about on Friday morning.

Would you like to shop in Whitley Bay?

C Carter

Whitley Bay