FOOTPATHS: Fund is drop in the ocean

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I was interested to read about the £2m funding for improving footpaths, (News Guardian, September 14).

Frankly, if there was a £20m fund, it might just about cover it. They are shocking.

I assist in delivering the News Guardian and have a six-mile walk with my daughter around south Cullercoats, Broadway and between Hartington and Farringdon Roads.

Go to Farringdon Road and look at the pavement on the east side, just before the bus stop. You will see three paving slabs, broken, with white crosses on them, indicating, I presume, that they are to be replaced. Then look at the other paving slabs surrounding these three. You will not find a whole, undamaged slab anywhere. Why are these three slabs to be replaced and not the whole area?

Walk around Silloth Avenue and try to find any whole paving slab.

The whole of North Tyneside is like this. But hey, our illustrious Mayor got her name in print again to say how well the council is doing putting this scheme forward. Huh! A sticking-tape solution once more.

Billy Mill Road/Lynn Road were to be resurfaced in July. The signs and cones were delivered and within a week they were taken away. You might think the job was done quickly? Nope. It was cancelled. Why, we do not know. By next spring, the holes will be twice as big.

You may gather that I am no fan of Mrs Redfearn or her cabinet. The money spent on that dome, as if it is going to become the solution to the borough’s ills, is scandalous.

I was at South Shields recently. It knocks Whitley Bay into a cocked hat. A bright, vibrant and pleasant place to be, compared to the misery of Whitley Bay. This borough is a disgrace.

Look at the pavements, see if you do not agree with my estimate of a more likely cost. Do not forget that out of £2m, the two town centres will get the major attention, not the surrounding streets and avenues.

That will be why only three paving slabs are marked for replacement out of hundreds.

Malcolm Cowley

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