FORUM: Time to have your say

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Don’t let anyone complain after the next North Tyneside Transport Forum that they never had the opportunity to have a say about the layout of the proposed new Metro carriages.

Do you want seats opposite each other to chat, or seats where people cant put feet on the seats, or positions for bikes, as well as prams and wheelchairs?

Well Nexus is coming to the next forum on Tuesday, October 18, from 6pm to 8pm, at Whitley Bay Library in York Road, Whitley Bay, to ask you.

Nexus is negotiating with the Government for £1bn to replace our 40-year-old Metro carriages.

Bring your other issues to do with walking, cycling, Metros, buses, trains and ferry for discussion and responses from the operators, Nexus and the council.

There is also an update on franchising of buses towards getting an integrated public transport system.

Vicki Gilbert

Secretary, Tyne and Wear Public Transport Users Group