FOULING: Most dog owners do clean up mess

I wish to respond to the letter on dog fouling, (News Guardian, October 15).

I have read too many articles about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs. My family has two dogs and we always clean up the dog mess. It would be safe to say that most dog owners clean up and it is only the few rotten apples who do not.

If members of the public see a dog owner leaving dog mess, why do they not have the courage to ask them to clean it up, or even offer a spare bag to the dog owner to clean it up? This is the only way the rotten apples will learn to be responsible and pick it up.

If any dog owners who do not pick up their dog mess are reading this, please start picking the mess up, then we will not give ammunition to non-dog owners to complain.

J Alderson

Address supplied